The Metacognition Channel

Episode 4: The Language of thinking - Reflecting on Tishman and Perkins

March 4, 2021

In this episode, I seek to explain, albeit briefly in around 30 minutes, what I mean by the 'language of thinking,' and the implications of knowing about and using the language of thinking for our understanding of metacognition, and for considering what could and should happen in educational settings like schools and classrooms within them if they were to become learning environments that were more metacognitively oriented. I make reference to some of the important ideas of Shari Tishman and David Perkins from their paper, 'The language of thinking,' that was published in Phi Delta Kappan in 1997. (It's one of my favourite papers.)

A transcript of this episode that includes a reference list for the articles I cite and refer to in the podcast is available 'open access' under the title 'The Language of thinking: Reflecting on Tishman and Perkins' at and the DOI for the document is

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