The Metacognition Channel

Episode 3: A perspective on ‘thinking’ (and why it is important for metacognition)

January 8, 2021

In this episode I seek to explain why we need to have a shared perspective regarding what we mean generally by 'thinking.' I propose that we need a shared perspective because, ultimately, metacognition (in practice) needs to be related to identifiable cognitive processes, i.e. thinking processes and strategies that we use in educational settings and everyday. Also, we need such a shared, functional perspective of 'thinking' before we can think about how to engage, pedagogically, the construct of metacognition in everyday educational settings to improve teaching and learning.

A transcript of this episode is available 'open access' under the title 'A perspective on ‘thinking’ (and why it is important for metacognition)' at and the DOI for the document is .

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