The Metacognition Channel

Episode 2: An Overview of Important Ideas about Metacognition from a University of Alberta Podcast

October 27, 2020

In late 2019 I was interviewed by Professor Neil Haave at the University of Alberta's 'Centre for Teaching and Learning' (CTL). The CTL has an excellent series of podcast episodes, accessible to the public, and addressing a wide range of topics regarding teaching and learning, at The interview was edited down to this presentation which is Episode 13 'Metacognition in the Classroom' on that site. With the kind permission of the university I am able to re-publish this episode on 'The Metacognition Channel.'

In the ~24 minute episode I go over a number of ideas that are important to me regarding metacognition and teaching and learning, albeit quite quickly. In future podcasts I will be 'drilling in' on some of the ideas in this episode and exploring them in more depth. However, this episode is an excellent introduction to my views on a number of what I think are very important issues.

Many thanks for your support, and for sharing this podcast with others who might be interested.



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